Smart Sat Saver

Version 0.1 - by Ingolf


A tool to sequentially download images from webcameras (webcams),

around the world.

Click here to download v0.1

1. Start the program, and rightclick to add a http link.


There are also a bunch of images

to choose from in the drop-down list



2. Select a location to save files to.

E.g. c:\temp\test  will save images with names





3. Set amount of seconds this image should be

checked for a updated image.

If you dont know how often the image is udated,

Select a value of 25 seconds.


4. How many images are saved,

or enter a number to continue from that.


5. If the image have failed,

the amount of fails can be be read here.

These are also logged in the error-log (7.)


6. Fails in a row. If his exceeds 16,

image download will be suspended.


7. Last 10 errors


8. Last 10 succesfull downloads.

Hover the mouse over this to get an

estimate on how often the image is updated.



You can add as many images as you want.

Offcourse, there are limits.


Save your list file when done,

and it will automatically be kept updated.


Page updated 24/8-2010

This is an example of time-lapse video captured with Smart Sat Saver.

Contact me at: kloejen (at) gmail (dot) com